INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe has the capacity to manufacture over 8.5 million tons of chemicals and polymers at our eight sites. These are used to produce a wide range of derivative products, which both enable and enhance many aspects of life today. We are Europe's largest olefin producer with four of Europe’s most highly integrated and differentiated crackers, based in France, Germany, Norway and the UK. We produce 5.5 million tonnes per annum of olefins and aromatics, and 3 million tonnes of polyolefins. From a broad technology base we are able to produce polymers which are specifically tailored to provide high value solutions to customers in our chosen market sectors.

Products and services

Our R&D activities aim to support the commercial activities the INEOS O&P Europe Business Unit. They cover the development of polymerization catalysts and the manufacture of polyolefin resins for various applications. They also cover the characterization of these resins and their use in conversion processes similar to those operated by our customers on the markets.

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