Futurewave's mission is to create a better future for people and the planet through technology. The specificity of Futurewave lies in the multidisciplinarity of its team, which makes it possible to create advanced products and experiences. The skills they have in-house: product designer, industrial designer, visual designer - Motion designer/Graphic designer/User interface, electronic engineer, computer engineer, electromechanical engineer, engineer specialized in artificial intelligence (Machine Learning, Vision, AR/VR/XR.

Products and services

The service offer is summarized as: R&D Innovation (search for technical solutions to an idea/problem through design and technology), product design (research, strategy, imagination and creation of new product), product development (industrialization of products, design of technical parts), product optimization (product audit for cost reduction, quality defects, environmental impact, transition to larger productions, reduction of assembly time,...), electronics for artificial intelligence (GPU/FPGA/ASIC development, high density PCB development, creation of intelligent software, connected systems, ...), experiential marketing (creation of smart marketing installations, 3D visuals, motion design).

Member type