Fettweis Emballage is a Belgian company specializing in the sale of industrial packaging bags made of plastic, woven polypropylene and hessian. The different products available (caps, bags, coupons, big bags, culronds, spinettes, flood bags, PE films, stretch films, etc.) are intended for a vast variety of industries.

Products and services

Fettweis is able to meet all demands in the field of industrial packaging bags. Competitive prices, great responsiveness, very short delivery times and a large stock are some of the advantages that Fettweis Emballage offers. The company also has other particularities: personalized packaging, printing of logos or mentions on bags, coupons, etc. Among the plastic materials processed: Polyethylene packaging (stretch films, films, bags, etc.), Polypropylene packaging (covers /bags, coupons/not sewn, bags, culronds, flood bags, etc.), big bag packaging, strapping, stretch film, bubble wrap, adhesive.

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