Founded in 2003, CEFOCHIM, located in Seneffe, is the only Walloon training and competence center dedicated to the fields of chemical, biopharmaceutical and biotechnological production. Its strengths are based on the expertise of its trainers, from the industrial world, and on equipment and learning areas identical to those found in industry, allowing the acquisition of new skills in real situations.

Products and services

CEFOCHIM offers more than 120 training themes in areas such as (bio) pharmaceutical and chemical production, analytical chemistry, quality control, clinical studies, green and sustainable chemistry, instrumentation and maintenance, etc. Its target audiences are workers, job seekers, but also teachers and students. Each year, nearly 4,500 people benefit from cutting-edge learning that meets the needs of the field. Upstream of the continuing education offer, CEFOCHIM also offers, through its Sciences adventure project, awareness-raising activities for young people.

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