A global manufacturer of high performance materials, the Cabot Group supplies specialty smoked metal oxides, carbon blacks, masterbatches and conductive compounds with a wide range of performance characteristics to the automotive, power and industrial industries. electronics, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, agrifood, infrastructure. With approximately 4,500 employees worldwide, Cabot continues to create a diverse environment rooted in strong values ​​and a sustainable approach. Its global reach allows it to meet the highest standards of performance, quality and service in close collaboration with its customers.

Products and services

Its special carbon blacks for plastic applications are sold under the BLACK PEARLS®, ELFTEX® and VULCAN® brands, its carbon nanostructure materials under the ATHLOS ™ brand. Its black masterbatches are listed under the PLASBLAK® and TECHBLAK ™ masterbatch brands, its conductive and concentrated compounds under the CABELEC® range. Its CAB-O-SIL® fumed silicas are powders available with hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces, its SpectrAl® aluminas are large surface particles with unique characteristics of crystallinity and purity. The aqueous dispersions of its CAB-O-SPERSE® range are highly stable and electrostatically stabilized dispersions of fumed silica and alumina.

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