BASF, the world leader in chemicals, offers a wide range of intelligent solutions and high added value products for the majority of industries. They combine economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility. Through research and innovation, BASF helps almost all industries meet the current and future needs of society. Their goal: "Create chemistry for a sustainable future".

Products and services

BASF produces and supplies a wide list of sectors. The company is particularly active in the transport industry, agriculture, paper industry, packaging, products for cosmetics, health and wellness, products for electronics, textiles, l 'wood industry, renewable energies, oil and gas exploitation, insulation ... To exercise their social purpose, they buy and produce responsibly, act fairly and reliably with their partners, connect creative minds in order to find the best solutions for the needs of the market. Their policy is to be involved in a strategy of sustainable investments because that is the essence of success in the business world.

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