ANSERS, acronym for Analytical Services, offers its expertise in the areas of analytical chemistry, physical testing and polymer chemistry. Formerly the analytical division of Shell Global Solutions, the company has built a solid foundation of their skills and established a wide variety of scientific techniques. Their credo is to offer the necessary expertise and know-how, coupled with the use of a wide range of laboratory techniques, to meet the technical challenges presented to them. Infrared spectroscopy, optical, electron and digital microscopy (3D imaging), rheometry and thermal analysis are some of the analytical tools available to the company.

Products and services

ANSERS offers a wide range of analytical services to answer your technical questions. The company has 4 themes on which it juggles to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. Thus, they operate in compositional analysis in the packaging industry, but also in the pharma / biotech industry for contamination. They carried out analyzes of all types of surfaces (metals, polymers, etc.), analyzes of additives present in polymers. The final pillar of their services is the analysis of the processes and physical properties of materials. They also carry out technical consultancy missions to find the best solution in record time.

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