For over 10 years, AJ Solutions "Power in Plastics" has been providing solutions and support for the plastics industry in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. They are located in Zandhoven, equipped with a showroom and a technical workshop where customers can test and evaluate several operational machines. Their motivated team, with experience in the sector, offers professional service and technical assistance to your projects.

Products and services

AJ Solutions offers a wide range of products in the "peripheral equipment" category, such as dryers, material transport, automation, dosing, etc. and in the accessories and maintenance products category, it sells magnets, magnetic plates, bars. ionization, purging compound, screw die clean,… In terms of services, many factors play a big role during the installation of the machines, the company takes care of it as well as the overhaul. AJ Solutions also provides the possibility of concluding a maintenance contract and gives several trainings within the company.

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