Belgian manufacturer of air and water filters, AIRWATEC has a solid experience of 50 years and a very extensive sales network in Europe and Overseas. CINTROPUR water filters are suitable for mains and rainwater. VILEDON industrial air filters are used to remove dust, ventilate or purify the air around gas turbines, compressors, clean rooms, paint halls ... Airwatec constantly ensures the reliability of its products, services and advice. Their objective is to respect nature and to get the maximum return on the investments of any Cintropur and Viledon filter owner.

Products and services

AIR filtration, these are high performance non-woven filter media, panels and cartridges of various sizes and shapes, resistant to high temperature, Airwabox and AWT frames, pressure drop control accessories, audits, feasibility study and design, manufacture, assembly and maintenance by certified VCA technicians. Cintropur, these are water filters equipped with sieves, activated carbon, sterilizers with UVc lamps. Their filters protect sanitary and hydraulic circuits by eliminating particles of soil, rust, sand from city water pipes and purify rainwater for domestic use.

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