Agoria opens the way for all companies in Belgium that are inspired by technology and who want to contribute to progress in the world through the development or implementation of innovations. Together, these companies represent more than 310,000 workers. The organization brings together some 2,000 technology companies, 70% of which are SMEs. In its offices in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liège and Charleroi, Agoria can count on some 200 employees.

Products and services

Agoria's services and positions focus on HR and training, market development, regulation, digitization, infrastructure, manufacturing, climate, environment and energy. They aim to connect all those whom technology and innovation inspire, to increase business success and to shape a sustainable future. In order to provide the best possible support to Walloon companies active in the composite materials sector, Agoria Composites and Plastiwin have decided to join forces and capitalize on the strengths of both organizations.

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