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Our missions

Plastiwin, the Walloon cluster of plastics

Approved and supported by the Walloon Region, Plastiwin is a business network of companies that brings together specialists in polymers and biopolymers, elastomers, composite materials, synthetic textiles.

What are our missions?

Strengthen the economic, technological and commercial potential of our members through a value chain approach and networking.

  • Fostering business development and innovation (bringing projects to the market, supporting marketing, industrialization and enhancement

  • Meeting current market requirements (gathering, crossing and strengthening technological skills, facilitating technology transfer).

  • Working for improved market access (giving visibility to the value chain and communicating on the Walloon technological potential).

  • Preparing for the future and positioning itself in promising markets (informing and communicating, promoting advanced technologies).

Our other mission is to be at the service of regional industrial policy and contribute to the development of our economy. To this end, we focus on creating added value and jobs, communicating the potential of our value chain and its needs, offering sector expertise to Authorities and acting as an interface between them and the industry.