#Flashback DIGI-B-CUBE Cross-sectoral Workshop: "How Digital disrupt Medical Diagnostics & Personalised Medicine"




On the 22nd of january, INFOPOLE organized with the support of MedTech Wallonia, MecaTech, BioWin, WeLL and Agoria, the first DIGI-B-CUBE cross-sectoral workshop in Wallonia.

This co-creation workshop offered a space for health and digital professionals to explore their potential to create collaborative innovation projects and opened the doors to new collaborations and competitive funding opportunities for their innovation projects with digital technologies, using the capabilities and resources available in the private sector.




The event had 4 main goals:

  1. to present the DIGIBCUBE project, its objectives, work-plan methodology in supporting SMEs in securing new funding schemes and facilitating synergies

  2. to map technological challenges and solutions of participants

  3. to brainstorm on innovation challenges and to identify technological solutions, required and missing competences.

  4. to give the opportunity to health professionals and researchers of health research centers to establish synergies with industry companies and digital professionals


After the introduction and presesentation of the DIGI-B-Cube project by Magalie Meyer, director of INFOPOLE and by the project leader Dr Gupta Udatha, director of the Oslo Cancer Cluster, the 14 participants were invited to map their expertises and to 4 challenges they are facing/meeting amoung the 10 challenges identified by DIGI-B-CUBE consortium.

Among them

  • eHealth researcher or innovator, biopharma/health/biotech SME who recognize the need to stay ahead in the wave of digital innovation
  • Digital/IT SME who shared their expertise and the potential of digital technologies
  • Decision-maker from the public or private sector who wanted to cut through the hype, assess the potential and state of maturity of digital innovations towards precision medicine and determine how to position their Health ecosystem


Challenges adressed



CHALLENGE 1: How can digital technologies help de-compartmentalize healthcare companies by optimizing data flows, compatibility and consistency ?

CHALLENGE 2:  How can digital technologies help to minimize human-induced errors and how can digital technologies help to decentralise diagnostics to allow collection and analysis of millions of data sets for more precise forecasts ?

CHALLENGE 3:  How can digital technologies help to lead to more mobile diagnostic products/processes directly on the patient (easier handling, smaller devices, low power batteries) ?

CHALLENGE 4:  How can digital technologies help to reach real time monitoring approach ?


Lessons learned

  • Participants had the opportunity to better understand the expectations and needs of actors in the health sector.
  • Workshop helped to initiate partnerships and find complementarities. It could also work as an  information hub for upcoming cross-sector workshops or other opportunities to meet international companies.
  • The importance of being "inspired" and being in touch with new ideas was stressed.


Focus on our Digital Experts

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  • Biotech & Pharmas: SANOFI GENZYME, GSK, ZenTech, KiOmed pharma,...
  • CROs & Service Companies: artialis, Aepodia, Tools 4 Patient,...
  • Laboratories & Research institutions: ULB, UCL, VIB, de Duve INSTITUTE, biogazelle,...
  • Clinical institutions: CHU Liège, CHU Saint-Pierre, CLINIC Barcelona, KU Leuven, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc Bruxelles,...





Le CETIC aide les entreprises à intégrer plus rapidement ces avancées technologiques dans leurs nouveaux produits, processus ou services, leur permettant d'innover plus vite, de réduire les risques, et de développer de nouveaux marchés.






DIGI-B-CUBE project, funded under Program Horizon 2020 by European Union (EU), will foster the creation of solutions by providing innovative small and medium enterprises (SME) in the EU and associate countries with access to vouchers of up to € 60,000 to develop prototypes and customized solutions for health sector.

The voucher scheme call will be launched in April 2020 but SMEs can start engaging in the project activities in the coming months by joining the project's sectoral and cross-sectoral workshops, as well as, matchmaking sessions.

Through DIGI-B-CUBE website, companies will also be able to interact with the consortium, identify potential partner SMEs, access digital services and contribute for the elaboration of an action plan that suits their needs. Besides providing resources for the development of cutting-edge solutions, DIGI-B-CUBE will facilitate the identification of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing Digital Technologies which can be applied by the Bioimaging, Biosensing and Biobanking industries through a matchmaking platform which is scheduled to be launched also in April 2020.





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