Open Call SecurIT #2 - Develop new prototypes or demonstrators in the Security and Cybersecurity

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securit open call 2

You are a cybersecurity professional and you have a prototype or demonstrator idea that you want to develop with one of your partner ? 

Get up to 88K € to build your prototype of solution or pilot it on a demonstrator !

SecurITClusterAmbassadorINFOPOLE, as SecurIT EU Program Ambassador, invites the Walloon Cybersecurity Community to participate to the next calls for projects to adress the SecurIT Challenges !

SecurIT will select up to 21 projects per Open Call aiming to develop new prototypes or demonstrators in the Security and Cybersecurity domains with support from SecurIT consortium. 

Projects must be submitted by the consortia of at least 2 SMEs and should address one of the SecurIT Challenges. SecurIT offers 2 types of instruments:

Prototyping Instrument

If you are interested in building the prototype or MVP of the solution

  • Funding: up to €74.000 per 1 prototype project (maximum €60.000 per SME)
  • Project scope: development of prototyping solutions for end-users or/and cybersecurity integrators at the MVP stage at least. 
  • Under this instrument SecurIT will support you in translating your feasibility plan into a prototype 
  • TRL at the application stage: minimum 5
  • TRL at the end of the project: minimum 6

Apply for Prototyping Instrument


Demonstration Instrument

If you already have a prototype or MVP and would like to pilot it

  • Funding: up to €88.000 per 1 demonstration project (maximum €60.000 per SME)
  • Project scope: demonstration of new apps solutions in cybersecurity and digital applications applied to security solutions ready to piloting at large scale in the short-term. 
  • Under this instrument SecurIT will support the piloting and validation of your solution
  • TRL at the application stage: minimum 5
  • TRL at the end of the project: minimum 8

Apply for Demonstration Instrument

Check the Open Call Documents and Checklist HERE


Who are we looking for ?

We are looking for Consortia of at least 2 SMEs (Registered Legal Person) established in: 

The ideal applicant is a consortium composed of at least 2 (two) SMEs from different eligible countries, however, we also accept consortia of SMEs registered in the same country. Please be aware that international consortia will get a bonus in the scoring process.

At least one of the SMEs should be a technology/IT solution provider.


What type of projects are we looking for ?

The ideal project is a use case of prototyping or demonstration of the security solution that addresses at least one  of the challenges in the following areas:

  • Cybersecurity 
  • Digital applications applied to security solutions


Open Call Timeline


If you have any technical problems or doubt when filling in the online Application Form, you can always contact us writing at:


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