Logiciels pédagogiques (didacticiels, serious games, simulateurs, etc.), outils auteur (logiciels d'édition de contenu : texte, audio, vidéo, animation, exerciciel, jeux, etc.) et logiciels de gestion (plateformes de gestion des apprentissages : Learning Management System (LMS), Environnement Numérique de Travail (ENT), outils spécifiques d'évaluation et de gestion des compétences, etc., spécifiques à l'éducation et à la formation.


IT consulting firm active mainly in the fields of system and network administration, high-quality hosting, e-learning portal deployment, SCORM, LMS/Serious games interfaces, and VoiP telephony.

5020 Namur


Development of tools for creating interactive video (within the framework of conferences, e-learning, serious games, communication and marketing). Conference recording, serious games development (combining games and training), and mediazones.

1370 Jodoigne


Specialised in the development of custom applications dealing with sensitive data. It offers innovative and secure solutions that meet the needs of key sectors with particular attention to eco-design. Eonix is certified ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, which attests to its commitment to data protection and reliability.

7000 Mons