Développement, production et déploiement de produits et services liés à l'intefaçage du monde réel aux machines, de machine au monde réel, de machine à machine, de machine à humain, de système informatique à machine, etc. Interopérabilité implique une interconnexion préalable. On ne peut parler d'interopérabilité que s'il y a des interfaces complètement définies, connues et librement utilisables, sans restriction d'accès.


A consultancy firm specialising in Machine Learning, Generative AI and Text Processing (NLP). Using cutting-edge technologies, Effixis offers a range of bespoke services designed to enable organisations to exploit the full potential of artificial intelligence: AI Academy, AI Strategy and AI Development.

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Specialising in predictive and prescriptive maintenance with its AI and data-driven solutions, I-care anticipates industrial failures, helping to reduce risks for safer, more productive and more sustainable industries.

7000 Mons


IT services company active in 3 areas. bstrom digital transformation develops innovative solutions to improve business processes. bstorm data analyses business data to enable decision making. bstorm training offers technological training to professionals in the sector.

1390 Grez-Doiceau


Specialising in the design and implementation of information systems relying on the advanced ICT technologies. From audit, business or technology consulting to the operational use of solutions, via all phases of IT project management.

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