2023 Cyberwal in Galaxia Program



Cyberwal in Galaxia 04 - 08 December 2023

Register to develop your cybersecurity skills and connect with industry experts! Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to a safer and more resilient digital future !

The organizers aim to position these courses as a high level of education on a European scale, directly linking them to the needs of the cyber ecosystem, with the presence of top-level partners and speakers from the Walloon ecosystem, such as:

  • Axel Legay from UCLouvain - Catholic University of Louvain
  • Philippe Massonet from CETIC
  • Pascal Rogniest from RHEA Group
  • Xavier Lessage from CETIC
  • Jeremy Grandclaudon from the Digital Agency (AdN)

04 – 08 December 2023 (end of registrations on 27/11)

📍 Euro Space Center, Devant les Hêtres, 1 – 6890 Libin (Belgium)


This Program, which is financed by the Walloon Region, is organized by IDELUX Development (the Economic Development Agency of Belgian Luxembourg) and under the authority of the scientific committee chaired by Mr Axel Legay, Professor of cybersecurity at the UC Louvain.