GreenWin is an innovation cluster for environmentally friendly technologies, one of the six competitive clusters set forth by the Wallonia Government. It is dedicated to the green economy and sustainable development.
The cluster supports innovation and promotes the development of collaborative R&D projects, with an objective of growth for Wallonia industries and for job creation into leading markets.

Devoted to more efficient environmental technologies, GreenWin focuses its actions on improving the life cycle of products by saving inputs and energy, by recycling various types of waste and by using renewable resources. The reduction of Wallonia’s carbon footprint of industrial activities and production is our priority.

GreenWin has innovative technologies in green chemistry (biomass), sustainable materials for building, sewage and waste treatment... The cluster is also looking for technology patents in its fields of competence.

Today, GreenWin counts 140 members out of which more than 120 companies including several world leaders.

GreenWin's  strategic axis are: green chemistry, sustainable building, environment. The use of biomass to energy is a topic that is adressed in the 3 axis.

GreenWin organises working groups about biomass valorisation and bio-based chemistry.

GreenWin supports also ambitious R&D and investments projects in the bio-based chemistry and build international technological partnerships for its membres in the sector of green chemistry and sustainable building. These kind of projects oriented towards biomass utilisation for bio-based polymers adress also the issue of energy from biomass in an intergated approach.

GreenWin organises also conferences and international missions and business events on these subjects.

The on going biomass related projects  at GreenWin are : COMPONAT, PHOSBIOL2 , DEXPLIMAR, NANOMICRO. No results can be divulged for the moment. CIMEDE is a completed project and is related to innovative wood modular buildings.