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Protopitch 3.0

protopitch 3.0Protopitch 3.0 supports entrepreneurs and companies in the digital image and creative industries sector in the Hauts-de-France, Flanders and Wallonia regions. Appropriate advice and tools are offered to boost companies in their development.

Protopitch 3.0 : tools for entrepreneurs

The Interreg France-Wallonia-Vlaanderen project PROTOPITCH 3.0 aims to offer tools to accompany of the three regions. The objective is to accompany the entrepreneurs of the Cultural and Creative Industries in the face of today's challenges:

  • BOOSTCAMP: Encouraging entrepreneurship and encouraging the emergence of a business project
  • BOOSTBUSINESS: Supporting creative industries
  • BOOSTPITCH: Challenge young entrepreneurs through a pitch contest

Five main partners for one objective

Financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the 3 regions of Hauts-de-France, Wallonia and West Flanders, PROTOPITCH 3.0 has 5 main partners:

  • Pictanovo (Tourcoing, Hauts-de-France) is the regional tool for the implementation of regional policy in support of cinematographic and audiovisual creation and cultural and creative industries. Pictanovo participates in the emergence of new talents and accompanies confirmed artists and entrepreneurs.
  • LME located in Mons, La Maison de l'Entreprise offers its services in support and advice to entrepreneurs or companies in the creation and development of their project by structuring the idea or project, financial modeling and fundraising.
  • Wap's Hub: the creative hub of Wallonia Picardy accompanies the transformation of the economy in Picardy Wallonia towards an economy of creativity. The hub implements projects with students, creators, artists, scientists ... whose objective is to generate ideas that can be developed later by the creation of a company or the linking With an existing company.
  • Flanders-Occidentatle Entrepreneurship Center (OCWEST), founded in Kortrijk, has been supporting young companies and start-ups since 2006 in the development of their business, creating a climate in which creativity, innovation and networking come to the fore. The aim of the organization is to increase the number of new companies and the quality of these new companies.
  • The private university-based Alliance for the Transformation of Knowledge in West Flanders (TUA West) consists of representatives from the Province, business and higher education in West Flanders, and more specifically: Howest, VIVES , UGent and KULeuven. It proposes actions to strengthen business knowledge, cooperation between institutions and enterprises.

Other Partners

  • INFOPOLE ICT Cluster: the Walloon ICT cluster that brings together information and communication technology professionals and supports them in the development of their business by fostering innovation and partnership.
  • Imec: R & D partner for companies, start-ups and universities. Imec combines long-standing leadership in microchip technology with in-depth expertise in software and ICT to lay the foundation for more personalized health, smarter cities, cleaner energy and mobility solutions, Logistics and manufacturing processes.
  • Lille-design: Design platform for the economy and the territory, lille-design has been working since 2011, with the support of the European Metropolis of Lille and the Hauts-de-France region, for the development of The design sector at the metropolitan, regional and Euro-regional scale.
  • Plaine Images: a site of economic excellence challenged by digital images and creative industries
  • Louvre Lens: Digital Cultural Pole, which brings together companies, training and research organizations and the various actors involved in the cultural, information, communication, cultural and educational fields.
  • Serre Numérique: A locus of convergence and exchange of knowledge, the Serre Numérique offers its residents a dynamic ecosystem and an exceptional working environment
  • UMons: The main mission of AVRE is to support scientific research activities within the UMONS and to facilitate the exploitation of the results of this research.

GoToS3 !

GoToS3Protopitch 3.0 is one of the 16 projects in the GoToS3 "Go to smart specializations" portfolio managed by AEI (Agence for Enterprise & Innovation, Wallonia), NFID (Nord France Innovation Development, Hauts-de-France) and POM West-Vlaanderen (Development Agency of West Flanders, Flanders).

The objective of the GoToS3 portfolio is to strengthen the cross-border ecosystem of research and innovation through the interactions and synergies emerging from the portfolio's projects and to foster the economic development of SMEs in the cross-border region around 6 areas of intelligent specialization Common to the three regions: New materials and chemistry, Textiles, Health and care, Agriculture and food, Cultural and creative industries, Industry 4.0.

More info on www.protopitch.eu