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myEOrganics - Mobile Technology Supporting Sustainable Agriculture


myeorganicsmyEOrganics aims to develop a smartphone application that attests to organic regulatory compliance in the field that could ultimately simplify and optimize organic certification.

Projet partners

bavAIRia: Project Management
Regional cluster active in space applications, mandated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology of Bavaria

Vista: Technical Management
Private enterprise (SME) specialized in earth observation methods for agriculture and hydrology

PCAgrar: Software Development
Private company specializing in IT solutions for agriculture, with strong partnerships for farmers association and agricultural engineering

Ecocert: Customer representative
Private enterprise specializing in environmental quality certification, mainly in food, fiber, cosmetics and household sectors, in the private and regulated sector

INFOPOLE Cluster TIC: Wallonian Cluster

Walloon Cluster for Information and Communication Technologies

The main objectives of the project

A smartphone application that attests to the compliance of organic regulations in the field that could simplify and optimize organic certification.

  • Demonstrating the potential of mobile technologies for organic certification
  • Highlight the potential for evolution and customization of the application
  • Identify and provide an incentive for emerging industries with an innovative concept of mobility in the field of agriculture and forestry
  • Aims also to support food safety and optimization of the certification process of organic farming


Copernicus is an EU satellite program whose goal is to obtain high quality and high frequency images of our hearth.

Thanks to the images of the Copernic satellites which are processed, it is possible to know whether a field has been developed organically or not. This allows listeners to focus on certain points and reduce the time required for an audit.

myEOrganics is not only useful for certifiers, it is also good for all, one can thus trust the label "bio" and it also helps the farmer, he can obtain information about his fields and maybe even reduce The costs of an audit.

Structure of the demonstrator managed by the mobile services

The demonstrator will be based on regional Earth observation (EO) data infrastructures and in-situ data.

The service requires several processing steps, from the most generic (light blue) to a specific application (light green).

The structure can be replicated in other regions and transferred to other concepts in agriculture.

If other thematic applications are targeted, the green boxes need to be reformulated to meet new user needs.

The mobile application will be powered by a web-service that will manage OT products, in-situ information and derived information products.

Given that the service is dependent on geo-location, integration of the GNSS signal is mandatory.


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