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INFOPOLE partner of Made Different Digital Wallonia


Made Different Digital Wallonia is an awareness and support program for Walloon industrial companies in their transformation to industry 4.0 launched in January 2017.

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Made Different Digital Wallonia. On the way to industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Internet of Objects, artificial intelligence, Big Data, the cloud or the personalization of products, all technological trends that profoundly change the very nature of the business models of companies. This is digital transformation.

In industry, this digital transformation is embodied in the fourth industrial revolution, also called industry 4.0, industry of the future or smart manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 is defined by the robotization and digitization of the industry around three axes:

  • Production methods;
  • Products and services offered;
  • The business model.

According to a study conducted by Roland Berger, Industry 4.0 can help Wallonia and its businesses increase their competitiveness through cost optimization and differentiation. Industry 4.0 is therefore an opportunity to re-industrialize our regions.

Benefits can take many forms:

  • The increase in turnover through the personalization of communication, distribution and supply combined with better production;
  • Improving operational performance through capital and labor productivity gains (through increased flexibility, among others) combined with lower energy consumption and raw materials.

Adapting is a key issue for companies in the industrial sector. It is therefore essential to sensitize them and to support them in their transformation.

The program Made Different Digital Wallonia

In order to meet this major challenge for Wallonia, several clusters Competitiveness, sectoral federations and research centers, in Collaboration with Digital Wallonia launch the Made Different program Digital Wallonia (http://www.madedifferent.be/en).

The program will start in 2017 and will end in 2019. Made Different Digital Wallonia aims to cover the entire range of The Walloon industry.

The approach of Made Different Digital Wallonia

The approach of Made Different Digital Wallonia revolves around Three axes cited above:

  • Smart process,
  • Smart product,
  • Smart business model.

Beyond these axes, 8 key key transformations have been Identified in the evolution towards industry 4.0.


The transformation plan of Made Different Digital Wallonia

Our program follows a transformation plan based on two phases:

  • awareness;
  • accompaniment.

Each of these phases provides a number of steps for companies to realize a transformation plan to Industry 4.0, as outlined in the diagram below.


These 6 steps can be detailed as follows.

  1. Roadshow of six conferences in different Walloon provinces to inform companies on the issues of industry 4.0 and present them the program Made Different Digital Wallonia.
  2. Diagnostic Tool Industry 4.0 and half a day free consultancy by an expert at the heart of each participating company. The objective is to contextualise the results of the analysis carried out, to establish the priorities according to the speed and the magnitude of the potential gain (quickwins).
  3. Launch of the accompaniment process, if the company so wishes.
  4. Definition of a customized transformation plan carried out by an expert through a thorough scan.
  5. Implementation of the transformation plan based on the results of the in-depth scan. The company chooses up to three transformations on which it wishes to concentrate. It may decide to be accompanied by external experts.
  6. Evaluation of the transformation at the end of the implementation (about 2 years). The company may elect to undergo an assessment to measure progress.

At the end of the course, the company can apply for the Award Made Different.

During the support phase, federations, competitiveness clusters and partner research centers organize many activities complementary to the program:

  • Thematic workshops;
  • Business visits;
  • conferences;
  • Technology demonstration;
  • publications;
  • etc.

These activities may have an intersectoral or sectoral dimension.

Companies covered by the program

Characteristics of companies wishing to join the Made Different Digital Wallonia program:

  • Manufacturing companies;
  • All sectors;
  • Any size;
  • Presence of a production system with a minimum of complexity;
  • Ambition and the will of the top management to transform itsel

Agenda Made Different

More info: www.madedifferent.be