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Key technologies & sectors

Key Technologies

The organization (company, research center, administration ...) that's looking for partners for a project in computer science, will find in the INFOPOLE Cluster TIC, a range of skills in the following key technologies.

technologies clés

Sectors & application areas

Within the INFOPOLE Cluster TIC work :

  • specialized   organisations in the information and communication systems,   companies   and walloon research centers   ;

  • organizations wich are   using   information and communication systems :   administrations ,   non-profit sector   organizations and   companies   whose core business isn't related to information and communication systems ;

  • organizations with   similar or complementary activities   to those of INFOPOLE,   Belgian or foreign   with wich INFOPOLE has established special relationships (see : Partners).

Industrial sectors

Industrial sectors

Traditional sectors

Traditional sectors

Network user companies

Through its cross-fertilization activities, INFOPOLE reaches a large number digital users, some of whom are Industrialists like:

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