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Intersectoral meetings "ICT meets..."

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Initiated by the ICT Cluster INFOPOLE in 2014, the "ICT meets ..." action program aims to highlight and converge the development challenges and opportunities between the ICT sector and the sectors concerned by the Walloon Competitiveness Clusters. After three years of action, focus on this success story.

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Poles et clusters


The "ICT meets ..." meetings aim to bring together, through the sharing of experience and the transfer of knowledge, supply and demand. The "ICT meets ..." mobilize actors around common operational objectives in terms of business and innovation of products and services. These events pave the way for new business opportunities and stimulate networking and the emergence of new ideas for innovation.

These meetings are organized around 3 axes:

  • Conference: presentation of the sectors of the poles and ICT, opportunities and challenges, study cases, traditional and specific needs in ICT, ...
  • Brainstroming Session: Creating Innovative and Creative Ideas and Building Partnerships
  • B2B: supply and demand meetings

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"ICT meets..." in a few numbers

No less than 9 actions have already been organized with clusters and clusters:

  • BioWin (biotechnology sector) - 74 participants
  • MecaTech (mecatronics sector) - 67 participants
  • Skywin (space / aeronautics sector) - 70 participants
  • Logistics in Wallonia (transport / logistics sector) - 190 participants
  • Tweed (renewable energy sector) - 80 participants
  • Eco-Construction & CAP 2020 (sustainable construction sector) - 86 participants
  • Wagralim (agro-industry sector) - 63 participants Plastiwin (plastics industry) - 76 participants
  • TWIST & NUMEDIART (media, digital art, cultural and creative industry) - 58 participants

In total, more than 750 SMEs, large companies, research centers and universities attended these conferences and business meetings.

Many business contacts, partnerships and subcontracts have already been finalized thanks to these networking events. Companies are nonetheless very discreet about their business, it is difficult to establish precisely the fallout from these events. However, based on the few spontaneous returns from members of the ICT cluster, an estimate can be given.

Over the last 3 years, more than € 210,000 of turnover was generated by these "ICT meets" actions, not to mention the many collaborative and innovative projects developed following these meetings.

And now ?

After identifying the major challenges of the different sectors represented by the Walloon clusters and clusters, the "ICT meets" actions will enter a new phase of innovation project ideas and B2B contacts. This new phase will initially be initiated with sectors in high demand, namely mechatronics / industrial production and space / aeronautics.

From 2017, actions will therefore be carried out in close collaboration with the MecaTech and Skywin clusters in order to enter this process.

In addition, the "ICT meets ..." program is fully part of the "Made Different" support and digital transformation project (more information: www.madedifferent.be)

Other conferences identifying needs and business meetings will also be organized with other sectors such as trade, tourism, public services, etc.