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Greater Green

INFOPOLE partner of the GREATER GREEN project, meta-cluster of environmental technologies

greater green

Meta-cluster of 12 existing clusters in the sector and 18 partners in total, Greater Green is one of the first projects financed by the Interreg V A Grande Region program.

Ulrike Höfken, Minister of the Environment of the Land Rhineland-Palatinate, presented the project GREATER GREEN on 30 September 2016, together with project partners. It highlights the pioneering side of this cross-border network that will connect 1,500 companies in the environmental technology sector who will work together to find innovative technical solutions in the fields of energy, water and waste reuse.

Camille Gira, Luxembourg's Secretary of State for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, underlined the importance of this project and the cross-cutting links it will create between the various partners in the logic of respecting the Paris Agreements.

Norbert Kuhn, President of the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, details the project's actions, including the implementation of a trilingual internet platform and sees GREATER GREEN as an umbrella brand that will allow companies to jointly carry out more complex projects to have an international support. Jürgen Griebsch, vice-rector of the Saarland University of Applied Sciences, highlights the link between the sectors of ecology and economics as promising sectors that will offer businesses in the Greater Region new opportunities And increased competitiveness. Thierry Kieken, Advisor to the Cabinet of the Minister for the Economy of the Walloon Region, emphasizes the essential and multidisciplinary nature of environmental technologies and welcomes the transfer of knowledge that will facilitate this large regional project.

Greater Green Project Partners :

Umweltministerium Rheinland- Pfalz (All.) ; Staatskanzlei des Saarlandes (All.); Ecoliance e.V. (All.);  Hydreos (Fr.) ; Pôle Fibres Energie Vie (Fr.) ; Institut Carnot Energie Environnement en Lorraine (ICEEL, Fr.); Cluster Plastiwin (Be.) ; Pôle GreenWin (Be.) ; Cluster CAP 2020 (Be.) ; Cluster Eco Construction (Be.) ; INFOPOLE Cluster TIC (Be.) ; Cluster TWEED (Be.) ; Cluster Val+ (Be.) ; Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) (Lu) ; Neobuild (Lu).

More info on www.greatergreen.eu