Digital Enterprise Innovations for Bioimaging, Biosensing and Biobanking Industries - Opportunité de financement de projets ehealth pour les PME de l'UE

DIGIBCUBE-LogoDIGI-B-CUBE project, funded under Program Horizon 2020 by European Union (EU), will foster the creation of solutions by providing innovative small and medium enterprises (SME) in the EU and associate countries with access to vouchers of up to € 60,000 to develop prototypes and customized solutions for health sector.

The voucher scheme call will be launched in April 2020 but SMEs can start engaging in the project activities in the coming months by joining the project's sectoral and cross-sectoral workshops, as well as, matchmaking sessions.

Through DIGI-B-CUBE website, companies will also be able to interact with the consortium, identify potential partner SMEs, access digital services and contribute for the elaboration of an action plan that suits their needs. Besides providing resources for the development of cutting-edge solutions, DIGI-B-CUBE will facilitate the identification of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing Digital Technologies which can be applied by the Bioimaging, Biosensing and Biobanking industries through a matchmaking platform which is scheduled to be launched also in April 2020.

The consortium of DIGI-B-CUBE project is composed by six clusters and three SMEs connected to Health, Digitalisation, Innovation and Information Technologies sectors. The participation of clusters is a key part of this project which aims to bring together companies from different sectors and promote the creation of combined solutions.

A cross-sectoriel context

cross-sectorial context


oslo cancer cluster        

Norvège        Cluster        eHealth, Clinical Research, Precision Medicine and Biopharma


NorvègeClusterInformation Technology & Digital Transformation


AllemagneClustereHealth, BioMed Research and Biopharma

INFOPOLE-01 vertical

BelgiqueClusterInformation Technology, ICT trust, cyber security & network security


EspagneClusterICT, Image Processing & Pattern Recognition


AutricheClusterICT, Medicine, Digital Health & Medical Materials


AllemagnePMEMultimedia and Software engineering


GrècePMEIntegrated Software Solutions
spi        Portugal        PME        Innovation Management and Technology Transfer Expertise

Call for projects

open call

Voucher scheme

Travel Voucher - up to €2,000
SMEs can apply to receive a grant to participate in workshops and matchmaking events. 
Prototyping Voucher - up to €20,000
A SMEs from health/biopharma/biotech sectors with a digitalisation challenge in the Medical Diagnostics value chain can make use of consultation with an IT SME or solution provider SME from another sector, to prototype or conceptualise a solution for that specific challenge.

Customised Solution Innovation Voucher - up to €50,000
A group of three SMEs from at least two different sectors will jointly tackle an innovation barrier in the Medical Diagnostics value chain using customised solution innovation voucher scheme. The voucher pays all the three SMEs with a maximum of 50,000 € each. Such pairing will lead to novel product/service development/idea validation in the all the participating SMEs thereby increasing the chances to enter Co-working disruption lab.

Co-working Disruption Lab Voucher - up to €10,000
The SMEs that completed the customised solution innovation voucher project will be given the opportunity (provided that they haven't reached the maximum funding limit of 60,000 €) to take the project results to the next level with the help of the participating clusters and other relevant SMEs.

voucher process

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For more info: infopole@infopole.be

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