Guide for European Funding

As a project for the internationalisation of EU SMEs, one of the objectives of euWater4i-SD is to support companies to identify and make use of national / EU funding opportunities. This is why a guide on EU-funded opportunities was created and is now available to all. The goal is to provide information on EU and public funding and grants as well as criteria and mechanisms for participation, consortium building, proposal formulation and drafting, etc.


Guide for European funding (EU Water 4i-SD)

The guide was conceived to be as user friendly as possible. Even though it is a document, it works similarly to a website, allowing free browsing throughout the whole guide thanks to a series of internal links that lead to the different sections of the document. It is divided into five sections:

  •  What do I need to know about European funding?
  • To which funding programmes can I apply as a company?
  • To which national funds can I apply as a company?
  • Which opportunities for which sectors?
  • How can I access EU funding?