GREENWIN, the competitive cluster of chemistry and materials

GREENWIN is a Wallonia industry cluster aiming at innovation in green chemistry and durable materials (including their applications in zero or near zero energy buildings). With the financial support of the Walloon Region, GREENWIN intends to promote all companies having local activities that deal with materials, either their production or their application, and that share a concern about their environmental impact. All projects are evaluated on their market potential as well as their favourable impact on the life cycle environmental costs and benefits of the end products.

Our projects follow three main strategic lines :

  • Design of new products based on renewable (bio-sourced) or recycled raw materials;
  • Design of new products and systems applied to energy management (energy storage, durable buildings...);
  • Design of new techniques for re-using / recycling end of life products and systems as well as using landfills as a new source for raw materials.

The GREENWIN cluster started its activities in february 2011 and it has already forwarded for regional approval 6 R&D projects. Some 10 other projects are now under preparation. To this day, 70 companies have joined the cluster as full members.