The Competitive Clusters

A Competitive Cluster is a grouping of companies in a leading sector of the economy.

A competitive cluster may be defined as a grouping of companies, training centres and public or private research units in a given geographical area (Wallonia), committed to a partnership-based approach intended to generate synergies in relation to common projects of an innovative nature. This partnership is structured around a market and the related technological and scientific field, and must achieve the critical mass needed for competitiveness and international visibility. These three main components (companies, training, research and innovation), brought together by the three priorities consisiting in partnership, concrete common projects and international visibility, are the key elements of competitive clusters. The critical mass achieved by this grouping must enable it to develop a virtuous circle of growth.

These partnerships:

  • enable companies to grow and reach a higher level of excellence.
  • bring together the competencies required to launch successful and more ambitious projects, innovate by relying on the competencies of their partners, and increase the workers ‘ qualifications .
  • increase the individual visibility of each stakeholder in Wallonia and, through the cluster they participate in, increase the visibility of Wallonia and its economy at the European and even international level.