6 Guidelines

6 Guidelines of the clusters

Their objective is to help :

1° a better knowledge of each other between members and with a view to knowing the environment of the concerned area of activity.

Are here concerned : the plenary meetings, the visits to members and prospects, the update of the technical and commercial directory, the organisation of thematic seminars, the relations with different operators of the sector and related sectors...

2° strengthen the commercial links between the members or allow to reach an innovative capacity and a higher competitiveness.

Are here concerned : the intensification of the relations principals / sub-contractors, the support to the submission of joint offers, the support to e-business practices, the certification / quality procedures, the transfer of technologies or trainings ...

3° develop partnerships involving members in the fields of the production of goods and services, research-development or the commercial approach with the creation of new activities.

Are here concerned : the support to the search for industrial or scientific partners, the actions dedicated to the stimulation and identification of common projects, the support to the working out of partnership projects, the support to the integration of Walloons skills in the international programmes and networks.

4° promote, on a local and international basis, the Business Cluster with a view to strengthening the appeal of the Walloon Region as regards foreign investors and its participation in specialised trade fairs.

Are here concerned : the presence of the cluster at various fairs and trade fairs, the participation in trade missions, the support to the hosting of prospect foreign investors, communication.

5° share knowledge and exchange of good practices between the business clusters, including at the international level.

Are here concerned : the identification and analysis of the clustering practices conducted abroad in similar areas of activity, contacts and information exchanges with foreign clusters.

6° strengthen the synergy between the activities of the business cluster and those of other forms of enterprises, namely the competitiveness hubs.