At the present day, the development of the Web and the widespread use of Internet allow seriously visually handiccaped persons to have access to a broad range of information or services which were previously not available to them.

Far from the usual idea, the visually impaired and even the blind can have access to computers and thus Internet using either magnification software, or speech synthesis and Braille display technologies.

The Walloon Government has decided to grant a particular importance to the accessibility of these Web sites for the visually impaired. It adopted in April 2003 a series of measures dedicated to developing the accessibility in the major part of the public Web sites of the Walloon Region.

The seal Blindsurfer indicates that the site on which it is to be found is effectively accessible to the blind and the visually impaired, following assessment of its accessibility by experts from the Oeuvre Nationale des Aveugles on a thorough methodological basis.

For further information on the policy of the Walloon Region with regard to the accessibility of the Web sites, see