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The Walloon Competitive Clusters

Mobility and Transport

Logistics in WalloniaLogistics in Wallonia
Logistics in Wallonia is the Transport and Logistics Competitive Cluster, created to promote the transport and logistics sector of Wallonia both within the country and abroad, by coordinating activities, by defining a common strategy and by optimising human and technological resources.

skywinskywinSkywin Wallonie is the Aerospace Competitive Cluster. Skywin established a sound strategy, focusing on 3 major axes, 3 "More" or "+":  beside the "More intelligent" - aiming at developing technological niches for the future- and the "More applications and services" - aiming at diversifying and creating new companies- one also finds the "More composites" axis which aims at meeting the market demand in terms of yet lighter components or increased performance in the structures, without forgetting the minimization of the environmental footprint.

Environment and Sustainable Development

GreenwinGreenwinGreenWin is the Competitive Cluster aiming at innovation in green chemistry and durable materials (including their applications in zero or near zero energy buildings). Our projects follow three main strategic lines : Design of new products based on renewable (bio-sourced) or recycled raw materials; Design of new products and systems applied to energy management (energy storage, durable buildings...); Design of new techniques for re-using / recycling end of life products and systems as well as using landfills as a new source for raw materials.

Food - Health

BiowinBiowinBioWin is the health competitive cluster that federates all stakeholders from Wallonia participating in innovation and training in the field of biotechnology and health. The R&D, supported by the cluster, covers all fields related to health. Eight technological themes have been defined: Biomarkers + in vitro & in vivo diagnostic, Innovative tools and instrumentation, Drug delivery systems, Novel therapies, Information technologies applied to human health, Innovative processes and organisational innovations, Medical devices, Drug discovery.

WagrALIM is the Competitive Cluster dedicated to the food industry. Manufacturers in the sector have defined 4 strategic development areas: "Health" foods/Nutritional quality, Industrial efficiency, Packaging, Development of durable networks in the agro-industry.

Transversal Technologies

MecatechMecatechMecaTech is the Competitive Cluster in Mechanical Engineering.
The MecaTech Cluster projects are selected around four strategic lines of development : Materials and surfaces of the future, Comprehensive forming technologies, Microtechnologies and mechatronics, Intelligent maintenance.