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The Walloon Business Clusters

Environment and Sustainable Development

CAP ConstructionCAP Construction

CAP 2020 is the Walloon network of sustainable construction.  It brings together all types of construction actors: architects, design offices, contractors, installers, producers and materials suppliers, real estate developers, research centers and training, associations. Together, members work together to promote sustainable construction, acquire new skills and develop their business.

Cluster Eco-constructionCluster Eco-construction
Eco-construction is a network of companiesthat aim at building while taking into consideration today's environment and the one of future generations while offering a maximum of comfort to the inhabitants. It gathers architects, infrared thermography and electromagnetic pollution specialists, builders, companies active in the green renovation sector, manufacturers, green building materials suppliers and green electricians, companies active in the field of renewable energy, building contractors specialised in water treatment by lagooning, natural pools installation, rainwater treatment and recovery,...

Cluster TWEEDCluster TWEED
TWEED cluster (Technology of Wallonia Energy, Environment and sustainable Development), is the Business Cluster gathering entities active in the "sustainable energy" sector, which means renewable energy sources, energy efficiency: the implementation of new processes in order to achieve energy savings, energy efficiency or the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, green products and services.

Transversal Technologies

Infopole Cluster TICInfopole Cluster TIC
Infopole Cluster TIC is the Business Cluster that gathers professionals in Information and Communication Technology in order to promote business and innovation through partnership.
The actual strategy of the ICT clusters is to focus on the creation of a partnership dynamic structured around priority segments and niches (eHealth, Intelligent Transport Systems, ICT for Green, eGov).

Cluster PlastiwinCluster Plastiwin
Plastiwin is the Business Cluster that gathers entities of the plastics industry :
- The manufacturers of raw materials, masterbatches, dyes and various additives.
- The mould makers, designers, manufacturers of tools.
- The plastics processors active in the injection moulding, extrusion, blowing, thermoforming, but also in machining, cutting, bending, surface treatment and retailers.

TWIST ClusterTWIST Cluster

TWIST is the Business Cluster that gathers entities working in the field of digital technologies for image, sound and text manipulation. It focuses on both film/ animation and broadcasting/multimedia, uniting talents whose know-how is internationally renowned. The cluster is now orienting its development towards the set-up of projects uniting the skills and technologies present at the heart of the cluster, centred on six themes: stereoscopic 3D - Internet/Mobile Content - Digital Archiving - Serious Game - Motion Capture - Digital Signage



EQUISFAIR is the Business Cluster for the equestrian sector in Wallonia, all sectors combined. Support for the emergence and development of partnerships is the very nature of the cluster. EquisFair is positionedso as to professionalize and develop existing networks, intensify marketing, potentiate own skills and support the key stages of R&D towards placing on the market.