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About the Portal

The Portal of the Walloon clusters is developed by the "Direction des Réseaux d'Entreprises" of the "Direction Générale de l'Économie, l'Emploi et la Recherche" (Directorate General for Economy, Employment and Research) of the Ministry of the Walloon Region, in co-operation with the clusters supported by the Walloon Region.

Website implemented by defimedia / Powerd by ATOMS

The objectives of the portal consist in ensuring the promotion of the clusters, allowing its members to know each other and get known and facilitating partnership initiatives between the companies of a same cluster as well as the sharing of experience.

This dynamic tool includes :

  • a central website which keeps you informed on the regional policy of support to clusters (its philosophy, its components, its results) ;
  • a site specific to each Walloon cluster, this site having been developed as an area dedicated to co-operation, information and promotion.

The central site is managed by the "Direction des Réseaux d'Entreprises (DGO6)" whereas the specific sectoral units are directly managed by the clusters themselves.

The Portal of the Walloon clusters should still evolve according to, inter alia, the Internet users' reactions. Don't hesitate to give your opinion to the Webmaster.

Design of the site

Vincent LEPAGE


Project manager – Webmaster of the central site
Direction des Réseaux d'Entreprises
Place de la Wallonie, 1

tel. +32 (0)
fax. +32 (0)

Web : http://clusters.wallonie.be
email : dre.dgeer@spw.wallonie.be

Development of the site



The website has been implemented by Defimedia, on the basis of its tool "ATOMS".
Parc Crealys
Rue Phocas Lejeune, 32

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Web : http://www.defimedia.be
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