Health - hygiene - care

Whether they are athletes, breeding or leisure horses, they deserve the best care. Discover below the EquisFair members which offer products and/or services in this area.

  • Alcyon is a veterinary wholesaler created by vets.
    More information here.
  • BiopTis is a Spin-off from the University of Liège and aims at improving equestrian health and performance. 
    More information here.
  • Le Centre Européen du Cheval de Mont-le-Soie is linked to the Walloon Region Government. All of its goals and missions aim at promoting equestrian breeding in general, and in the Walloon Region more specifically. 
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  • Hyssani is the horse soap that combines sustainability and efficiency.
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  • Progenus : coming from academic research, Progenus has been acquiring, for more than 18 years, solid experience in DNA analysis in animals.
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  • RevaTis is a Spin-off from the University of Liège. It was created in 2013 and is dedicated to regenerative medicine and cell therapy. 
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  • UVmastercare offers a quick decontamination solution thanks to UVC that is efficient at 99.99% against viruses, bacteria and fungi. 
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  • WPB Group offers a wide range of natural care products for horses and dogs.
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