Symposium on the Well Treatment of the Sport Horse: An Inspiring Success for the Equestrian World




Organised by EquisFair (the Walloon equestrian cluster), this event was an opportunity for equine professionals and enthusiasts to get together, share knowledge and strengthen their commitment to the welfare of sport horses.

During the evening, participants had the opportunity to attend conferences led by renowned experts in the equine field. Crucial subjects such as doping, the issue of shoeing show jumping horses and expectations in terms of equine welfare and boarding were discussed in depth.

"This conference was a valuable opportunity to bring together professionals from the equine world to discuss best practice in the welfare of sport horses," said Didier Serteyn, President of EquisFair. "We are delighted to see such a commitment to equine welfare and are confident that the knowledge shared at this event will have a positive impact on the equestrian industry as a whole."

The success of the conference, which was attended by almost 130 people, underlines the growing importance attached to the welfare of sport horses in the equestrian world. By ensuring their well-being, we are building a sustainable future for equestrian sport and strengthening our commitment to our valued equine partners.

We would like to thank all the participants, speakers, partners and sponsors who contributed to the success of this unforgettable event.

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