Studbook sBs

The non-profit Studbook SBS manages the stud book and promotion of the Belgian Sport Horse.

One of the basic activities of Studbook SBS is to register the new born foals under their dam and to provide to every new registered horse his own official passport as quickly as possible.

The stallion approval, better known as the 'International Selection Show", is undoubtedly the most important event of the year for the breeding of the SBS horse, because the future of the breed is intimately linked to the choice of sires. Studbook SBS also organizes or collaborates actively to the organization of big breeding competitions.

Our Studbook also showcases the sporting achievements of the breeder's horse by posting them on our website and on our Facebook page. The paper magazine published bi-monthly called « Le cheval de sport belge/Het belgisch sportpaard », published both in French and Dutch, is sent to all members to keep them updated on all things related to the SBS horse, with profiles of breeders, articles, tech and vet tips...