Horse Development

Horse Development, marketing agency for companies in equine industry.

A marketing agency is a key partner for every company, whatever its size, it has for mission to advise the leaders and the teams in place especially about how to develop or adapt their marketing strategy…

We can work, for example, on :

  • The construction of a business plan for a company creation or the launch of a product or service,
  • A benchmark for competition, analysis of the business model implemented, with an objectiv of differentiation
  • A desire to refine the knowledge of a market to detect commercial opportunities
  • Assistance in the drafting, administration and analysis of targeted market studies specific to the equine sector
  • A need to take a step back on an existing product / service


Thanks to analysis and strategic development methodologies, we offer professionals of the equestrian sector various development ideas and customised advice to improve customer fidelity, market shares, brand image... 

We offer periodic or long-term services.