Géraldine Vandevenne
Géraldine Vandevenne

Like a lot of people, I have been passionate about horses since I was very young. My grandfather was a horse trainer, and he used to talk to me about his adventures with horses. However, I never thought my passion would become my job…

After an accident, my young mare had to undergo a tooth extraction, and from that moment I became interested in dental care for horses. I already had a profession and was working full time, but I resumed my studies and I’ve never looked back since.

Through my work as an equine dental technician, I have encountered problems related to the bit, and riders have asked me for advice about mouthpieces. I had the opportunity to meet others who were as interested as I was in mouthpieces, nosebands, etc. and to take courses on the subject in the Netherlands, Germany and England.

I also took training courses in a variety of areas such as osteopathy, saddle fitting, horse feeding, breeding, etc. and I still follow training courses and congresses about horses,…
In the meantime, I have been fortunate to be able to write some articles on the subject, and to start up a training school and a professional bit fitters association in France.