Equi-lift by Aeravet

We decided to use inflatable devices to help people who are used to work with horses, notably when vets / horse owners meet some critical situations.

Our devices permit to lift a lying down horse ( due to illness injury or trauma ) in the best condition of animal welfare. Our systems are able to get the horse up and maintain the animal in standing situation the needed time for his recovery.

We also decided to use this technique for recovery after surgery and anesthesia.Everyone in the equine world knows risks involved by general anesthesia. Our devices are extremely efficient to permit a well, short and comfortable recovery while people around the animal during the awakening are safe, with no risks of getting hurt by the horse and no stress for the animal.

We manufacture inflatable devices for horse water rescues, those devices are destined to special animal rescuers and permit to get the horse in water, to move the animal and take it out of the water safely and comfortable.

Very often we manufacture special inflatable devices on demand, with special measures for special needs, as for examples air mattress for néonatalogical cares, specifics hindrances or slings.