Association des Moniteurs d'Equitation Brevetés

Permanent promotion of quality horse riding
* Help and support for instructors and riding school operators
* A meeting place for professionals
* Training days offered to our members
* Free entry to major sporting events

Members: All persons who can prove that they have a diploma as a riding instructor issued or recognised as equivalent by the Administration de l'Education Physique et des Sports (Adeps) and who pay their membership fee are members and enjoy full social rights.

The MSI, MSE and previous designations are effective members; the MS animators are adherent members.

Activities :

- DEFEND - PROMOTE the practice and teaching of quality horse riding (all disciplines and levels combined) as well as the promotion of Adeps certificates.

- To provide a meeting place for professionals (sports federations, riding schools, breeders... and instructors)

- To regularly offer continuing education to members.

Extract from the statutes: Aim - social object

The purpose of the association is to defend and promote the professional interests of its members, both with public and private institutions.  In this perspective, it may take any action useful to the realisation of its corporate purpose or which could contribute to it. More generally, the association intends to promote the teaching of horse riding in all its forms, through all its disciplines and in all its aspects.  The association may in particular seek public or private subsidies to further its objective.  It may undertake all acts directly or indirectly related to its purpose.  In particular, it may lend its assistance and take an interest in any activity similar to its corporate purpose.