Strategic areas

Implementing strategies with existing structures

  • Identifying common topics between the Cluster and other existing clusters and structures 
  • Meeting with other clusters and structures identified as potential sources of synergy
  • Formalising potential partnerships

Developing activities promoting exchanges

The organisation of two General Assemblies per year, minimum 2 company visits per year (more if requested), bilateral meetings between the Cluster coordinator and existing or potential members each year.

These meetings aim at :

  • Introducing members, especially new ones;
  • Inviting purchasers (owners);
  • Promoting partnerships between members and strenghtening collaborations with companies, universities, colleges and research centers;
  • Discussing technological watch 
  • Setting up thematic actions
  • Communicating on success stories
  • Implementing and developing communication and collaboration tools between members: website, newsletter...

Organising and supporting working groups

The creation of various working groups is crucial to the development of a productive momentum between different actors of a sector. 

These groups aim at :  

  • Gathering companies with complementary skills in order to create networks of complementary companies which are able to offer global solutions to their clients;
  • Discussing criteria which will lead to the creation of a quality label, in accordance with the strategy of the Cluster and with the concept of offering high value-added products and services
  • Defining topics and issues which are common within one sector or in different sectors.

Developing actions for national and international promotion

  • Developing a website describing the cluster, its members, ongoing and successful projects (within the limits of confidentiality) as well as a calender of actions;
  • Participating to at least two fairs, seminars or symposiums per year (attending conferences of having a booth)
  • Organising or taking part in at least one promotional event abroad each year;
  • Meeting with AWEx in order to present the areas of business development supported by the cluster and the identification of actions which can benefit from AWEx support (participation in fairs and exhibitions, organisation of prospecting trips etc.)