Saudi Arabia - Multisectorial economic mission




From March 11th to 18th, our Cluster went to Saudi Arabia in the framework of a plurisectorial economic mission organized by AWEx. 

This week was about discovering the country, the sector but most importantly the people. And we did just that. We were warmly welcomed by so many local players which we are extremely grateful for. In Riyadh and Djeddah, we visited equine clinics, racetracks, equestrian centers, sport stables... And, during each visit, we were able to talk to local stakeholders : vets, managers, riders and distributors. We were therefore able to promote our Cluster and our members at the heart of this very promising market, as Saudi people love their horses and the equestrian sector is quickly expanding since the country is opening up to the rest of the world.

Hopefully, long-lasting partnerships will emerge from our stay as Saudi’s vision and potential are unique, especially in the equine world. Our visits, discussions, meetings and networking events throughout the week have shown how much our respective sectors can learn from one another, and we believe that our cluster and its members (including RevaTisUVmastercare and Medical Imagery which also took part in the mission) have a role to play in these future endeavours.

Let’s make it happen !