EUNetHorse : first national workshop




EUNetHorse is a European project which aim is to increase the resilience and performance of rural players in the equine sector in the face of environmental, social, health, economic or political crises, by widely disseminating practices, tools and solutions that improve their resilience and socio-economic performance.

  • their resilience and socio-economic performance,
  • animal health and welfare on the farm, and
  • the environmental sustainability of the sector.

This project obviously involves several European countries, and our member Centre Européen du Cheval de Mont-le-Soie has the crucial role of national coordinator for Belgium. Within this framework, our cluster was honored to be invited to the first national workshop as an expert on the socio-economic aspect. The aim of this first meeting was to identify and prioritize the needs of equine farming activities on a national scale. The result was group work and numerous exchanges, sharing experiences and points of view galore!

We'd like to congratulate Mont-le-Soie on the remarkable work they've done to help those in the field, and thank them for inviting us to discuss the socio-economic aspects of the issue.

Finally, we'd like to thank our member Aquila Farm for welcoming us to their splendid setting and facilities, designed, built and operated with the well-being of the horses in mind.