EquisFair at Dubaï World Expo



The Walloon know-how in the Emirates

Between November 6 and 12, we were lucky to go to Dubaï in the framework of the World Exposition. On top of representatives from the cluster, some EquisFair members joined the trip : Ekism, Cavalo Concept, Hyssani, Kataklop, VIT travel and RevaTis.

For the cluster and its members, this week revolved around two aspects: the economic mission organized throughout the week on the one hand, and the masterclass taking place on the Belgian Pavilion on the other hand.

The economic mission

Its goal was to create new links with potential collaborators, clients and / or investors, but also to strenghten existing networks. The week was therefore full of visits to equine hospitals, equestrian centers and revalidation centers. For some, the perfect opportunity to create first connections in the area. For others, it was the chance to make some existing partnerships official. For instance, RevaTis, a spinoff of Liège University specializing in cell therapy, was able to materialize some agreements with Saudi Arabia, among other partnerships.

The Masterclass

It allowed us to showcase the equestrian sector in Wallonia, but also to show what we do and who our members are. In the room, the members who came with us were the embassadors of our region's savoir faire.

The conference was organized around three areas : 

  • Equestrian Tourism : how to discover Wallonia through horses -  Kataklop and VIT travel
  • Optimization of sport horses : how to help our horses be as healthy and strong as possible - RevaTis
  • High level sport in Wallonia: what is like to be an international athlete here - Lara de Liedekerke (international eventing rider)

What comes next ? 

The contacts made in Dubai are very promising and will certainly lead to future exchanges with that region where horses are especially well taken care of. We will see in the upcoming months how these exchange develop. In any case, we were able to meet a lot of very interesting people but also to strenghten relationships within the cluster. An extraordinary experience on all sides !

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