EquisFair and Hippolia renew their partnership




EquisFair, the Walloon equestrian cluster, and Hippolia, the competitiveness cluster dedicated to the French equine industry, renew their international collaborative partnership in the equine sector

[Vielsalm, Belgium, 5 October 2023] - EquisFair, the Walloon equestrian cluster, and Hippolia, the competitiveness cluster dedicated to the French equine industry, are proud to announce the renewal of their strategic partnership aimed at strengthening international cooperation and promoting excellence within the equine industry

EquisFair, based in Wallonia, Belgium, is the equestrian cluster that works to stimulate the growth and competitiveness of the equine industry. Hippolia, located in the heart of the Normandy region in France, is a centre of excellence that promotes innovation, research and development in the equine field. The two organisations therefore represent the entire equine industry through their members, and act as a point of reference for local authorities and government departments. The services offered by the respective bodies provide the coordination, communication, viability, development, knowledge and skills needed to drive the industry forward.

The aim of this partnership is therefore to create synergies between the two regions by combining the image and expertise of these two organisations in order to raise the profile of the equine community on an international scale.

This partnership between Hippolia and EquisFair, which was renewed on 21 September at the Normandy Horse Meetup, demonstrates the ongoing commitment to the equine industry and the desire to strengthen the position of Wallonia and Normandy as centres of equine excellence on an international scale. For more information, please visit the Hippolia (www.hippolia.fr) and EquisFair (www.equisfair.be) websites.

About EquisFair (Walloon Equestrian Cluster) : EquisFair is positioned as a cluster aimed at supporting the emergence and development of partnerships. With over 70 members, the network aims to help Walloon companies in the sector on a national and international scale. To achieve this, EquisFair is positioning itself to professionalise and develop existing networks, step up marketing and harness the skills of its members.

À propos d'Hippolia (Pôle équestre français) : Hippolia is the only competitive cluster dedicated to the French equine industry. It brings together players who want to use innovation to help boost the competitiveness of the industry as a whole. It has over 200 members: industrial and service companies, research and/or training centres, and other organisations in the equine industry.

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