Marketing On Demand

Consulting firm with expertise in marketing and business development, specialized in the equine industry and Technologies. Strategic support for industrial and service companies in the equine industry.

Recommended Hippolia Partner of the Hippolia Cluster in France since 2016, we help the businesses (Project leaders, Startups, SME and Large Companies) in innovation, the competitiveness of their business model and their sales development, at a strategic and field level. Our tailor-made services are based on more than 30 years of experience in the industrial business world and in-depth knowledge of the equine industry.

Having gained a strong expertise in supporting industrial and service companies in the equine industry, we help you assess the relevance and the potential of your project, transform your innovation into a real business or implement growth areas with personalized services and a proven methodology:

  • Innovation process for products and services (from the idea to the formalization)
  • Market research and products testing
  • Technical feasibility and profitability analysis of a new offer or innovation
  • Analysis of business or growth opportunity
  • Assessment of a company’s image or competitive positioning
  • Go-to-market strategy (positioning, value proposition design, business model)
  • Business development locally or internationally (customers portfolio/market development, partnership, sales diversification, export)
  • Business plan

Customers References and Case studies/Testimonials on our website.

Feel free to contact us to study your project with confidentiality.