Hyssani, the horse soap that combines sustainability and efficiency

In the daily care of our horses, we have been bothered by two things for a very long time  :

  1. We couldn't find efficient products to wash our horses with satisfactory results
  2. The amount of plastic waste when washing horses with shampoo is way too high

We therefore decided to make our own horse soap. Since we were very happy with the results, we decided to create a small company.

Hyssani soap was recently launched onto the market. It is an innovative product, we follow the arrival of sustainability in the equestrian world. 

Our range of 4 soaps is made of natural oils, without palm oil, without plastic packaging, without preservatives or artificial colours. All our products are vegan.

  • Hyssani Nesca makes horses with light coat very clean
  • Hyssani Lanci heals your horse's skin thanks to nourishing oils 
  • Hyssani Ilsa is the classic soap for all coat colours 
  • Hyssani Bibino brings a moment of wellbeing to your horse thanks to lavender-infused oils.

You can buy our products on our webshop (www.hyssani.be) or on stands and markets.