Garage Docquier

Garage Docquier, located in Theux, sells trailers and horse trucks of the brand Böckmann

Caroline and Jean-Christophe DOCQUIER have been working since 1999 as salespeople in Theux, BE. They manage the family company with 5 employees and have over 20 years of experience in the automotive field.

Passionate about horses, they naturally started selling horse transportation vehicles, on top of receiving specific requests from their clients about professional trailers.

This is how the Böckmann adventure started a few years ago. And in 2022, they became the only Böckmann Center in Belgium!

On-demande configurations: horse trucks for 1,5-2-3 horses, slant load…

Product quality, rigor and strictness are the values which they share with Böckmann, a company created in Germany in 1956.

They are proud to represent this renowned brand and are at the service of private individuals as well as professionals.


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