Fermacell (Aspirant)

Within the Xella group Fermacell BV ensures the production and delivery of fiber-gypsum boards and flooring systems under the brand fermacell. In the Benelux, production and marketing of products are provided from Niftrik (Wijchen).

Xella International GmbH is a leading company in the European market of raw materials and construction materials. Globally, the Xella Group employed 6,950 employees in 2011. The same year, the company achieved a turnover of more than € 1.3 billion business. Xella International GmbH belongs to a consortium of investment firms PAI Partners and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners.

Products and services

Fermacell wants to contribute to a sustainable world by designing and developing products based on safe and fully recyclable materials. The quality of our products is not limited to tangible product characteristics, but also about the impact on people and the environment in the broadest possible sense.

Fermacell wants to be a national and international leader in ecoconstyruction. The main mission of Fermacell is to contribute to a healthy and sustainable society. fermacell sees corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the heart of its existence. That makes Social Trinity (People) - Planet (Eco) - Profit (Economic) as the starting point of all our actions. fermacell combines idealism with entrepreneurship and consequently the social and environmental commitment with the condition of economic efficiency.