CAP 2020, Less energy, More economical development for the Walloon Region

CAP 2020 is a group of Walloon enterprises active in the building industry, regrouping Contractors, Architects, Producers and Suppliers of materials and services who have adopted the 2020 common European objective of massive energy consumption reduction.

CAP 2020: the 13th cluster of Wallonia.

CAP 2020 is:

  • a new Walloon Region economical development tool implemented to stimulate the high potential sustainable building sector.

    Commit yourself to sustainable building, low energy consumption construction and buillding energy performance. Join the CAP 2020 cluster.

    Benefit from the various regional and federal measures and incentives in 2009.

    Be proactive before recession reaches the entire building industry and join the CAP 2020 cluster.

  • A place of exchanges , of value creation and innovation incentives for the three pillars of construction: Contractors, Architecs and materials, equipments and service suppliers who have all adopted the European 2020 objective in the fields of massive energy consumption reductions in buildings.

Every economical stakeholders sustain the development of Wallonia by promoting and implementing sustainable constructions.

All entrepreneurs are involved in sustainable and low energy construction and abide by the European 2020 Objective of a massive energy consumption reduction.

  • A unique platform regrouping energy construction stakeholders engaged in sustainable construction.

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CAP 2020 is a collaborating web 2.0 working tool for Walloon Region (Belgium) professionals.

CAP 2020 is also: