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The aims of the Twist cluster are:

  • to encourage and facilitate partnerships and synergism amongst the various parties in the cluster to boost enterprise development.
  • to amplify and facilitate technological development and innovation in order to help create and develop new activities or products.
  • to increase economic fall-out for Wallonia's businesses, especially for micro-enterprises and SMEs.
  • to give access to expertise and information in the areas of sound, image and text for professionnals but also for the general public.
  • to increase the public and specialised groups' awareness of the activities of the cluster and its members.
  • to bolster dialogue with public institutions and government (collective requests for the establishment of new aid, R&D, infrastructure, and training programmes, ...).

To achieve these goals, the association created by the Twist partners will:

  • develop information tools to establish an inventory of the various players in and other types of useful information about the sound, image, and text sector and related sectors in Wallonia.
  • serve as a supply-and-demand clearing house for the partnerships, especially in research and development.
  • represent the Twist cluster at sector national and international events.
  • organize scientific study days, meetings and get-togethers for players in the sector, conference-debates, and training on topics related to the association's goals.

The association will specifically be able to assist and take an interest in all kinds of associations, businesses, or bodies that have goals and activities similar to its own or that can help achieve its own purpose. It will be able to carry out commercial operations if it desires.